Personal Protective Equipment

Work safety protection equipment background. Industrial protective gear on wooden table

Whether you’re a supervisor or a worker, here are some points to keep in mind about personal protective equipment, that can help decrease workplace incidents and injuries.

Know the role of PPE!

PPE is designed to protect workers against occupational hazards. Safety goggles protect your eyes from airborne objects and debris. Flame resistant/retardant (FR) clothing protects workers from flames, embers and hot materials. Arc flash (AR) clothing has been designed to protect from electrical and arc perils. Gloves protect hands from sharp machinery and objects, fire, embers, flash burns and chemicals. When selecting protective gear, remember that fabrics, materials, and apparel must be chosen that meets or exceeds repellency and heat/flame standards.

Know your PPE Program!

If you’re an employer, the onus is on you to provide workers with the tools and safety equipment – and effective protocols – to perform his/her duties safely and efficiently. Proper (and ongoing) training is vital! Your workers must know what PPE is required for the job and when and how to use it. If misused, the proper protection may not be adequate for the situation. Your training program must include follow-up to ensure compliance. Inspect what you expect! Each supervisor on the job site should have a checklist and be required to maintain a detailed account of training, compliance and infractions. Infractions must be dealt with promptly!

Know your Crew!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to keep workers safe on the job site, but it’s no replacement for common sense. Train, coach, and correct. By implementing safety guidelines and providing adequate training and follow-up on the correct use of PPE, you’ll keep your job site safer, and the likelihood of accidents and injuries will be reduced dramatically.

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