Hazard Level Risk Ratings

Definition of risk

As an employer, keeping your team safe on the job site is vital. And you can’t do that if you don’t provide them with the right gear. What garment CAT rating does your team require?

CAT stands for Hazard Risk Category (measured in ATPV or Arc Thermal Protection Value) and indicates the particular hazard or risk category (CAT) associated with each task performed on the job site. There are four hazardous risk categories, numbered in severity from one to four. The higher the number, the greater the danger and arc flash protection required.

CAT 1: low risk.

Equipment needed: Flame Resistant (FR) shirt and flame-resistant coveralls (1 layer).

CAT 2: moderate risk.

Equipment required: cotton underclothing, FR shirt and FR pants (1-2 layers).

CAT 3: high risk.

Equipment needed: cotton underclothing, FR shirt, FR pants, and FR coveralls (2-3 layers).

CAT 4: extreme risk.

Equipment required: cotton underclothing, FR shirt, F4 pants, and multi-layered FR flash suit (3 layers or more).

Consider the ATPV when choosing safety clothing. The value determines how much heat the fabric can withstand before failing. The higher the ARC rating value, the greater the protection. A value is determined by the amount of energy required to pass through a specific fabric with a 50 per cent probability of causing second or third-degree burns.

To determine appropriate FR clothing, perform a Hazardous Risk Assessment. HRA is a term used to describe the process by which hazards and risk factors are determined and the potential each has to cause harm to workers. Once an HRA has been performed, best practices and protocols can be put in place to eliminate the hazards or to mitigate the risk when a threat cannot be controlled, reduced or eliminated.

Many rigorous guidelines are already in place both provincially and federally governing workplace safety. Companies employing workers performing tasks in hazardous environments must always be diligent in adhering to policies and following up to ensure compliance.

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