Becoming a Great Leader

top view of notebooks with leadership ideas on wooden tabletop in office

Team members respect safety leads who practice what they preach. As with any successful leader, good leads realize that the company grows only when team members grow. The supervisor who harshly wears his authority earns the disdain of his team. The days of barking orders and kicking butts are fast fading, and today’s leader must be engaged, responsive, thoroughly professional and always striving to improve. And even when the safety lead lacks experience, if team members know he’s committed and working on it, he’ll gain their respect.

The Power of Mentorship!

A skilled supervisor will lead by example and encourage his team members to take a leadership role on the job site. When everyone feels empowered and “owns” their part of the operation, productivity increases and safety issues drop considerably. A skilled supervisor directs and develops his team and rarely needs to flash the supervisor badge. Remember, every team member brings insights and experience to the group, and when that knowledge is tapped, everyone benefits. If you’re a new team leader, look to those seasoned members of the crew for help and be willing to let them (with your guidance) take on some mentoring roles.

The Power of Team Engagement!

Job site safety is everyone’s responsibility, and when the entire team is engaged, amazing things begin to happen. Team members “own” their part of the job and will hold other team members accountable. It no longer becomes the supervisor’s sole responsibility to monitor, coach, and correct team members — everything changes when you make the “team” your number one priority. Sports teams are a great example. There are coaches, captains and leaders on every level all focused on the same outcome. A unified team is a dominant team!

The Power of New Tools and Techniques!

You’re engaging your team, and you’re letting your team members step up and share in the leadership and coaching. Now, what can you do to enhance your skills and abilities continually? Similarly, a plumber needs a pipe wrench, and a carpenter needs a hammer, you need to be always adding new tools to your toolbox. How do you do it? Start by speaking with people who are leaders in the safety field – supervisors whose teams have outstanding safety records. To become the best, learn from the best. In addition to one-on-one sessions, sign up for workshops, watch videos, read good books and perhaps most importantly, watch, listen and learn.


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