PPE – Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Caucasian HVAC Worker Wearing Safety Harness at Work

Spring is a time of transition, away from winter’s harsh reality into the more moderate conditions of Spring. With the change in the seasons comes a change in the type of personal protective equipment worn by your crew. Are you ready for the changeover?

In winter, your crew is focused on staying warm and avoiding the hazards of frostbite and cold stress combined with icy surfaces and limited visibility. In Summer, the concern is typically heat and dehydration. In Spring, workers must deal with muddy conditions, rain, cold, the occasional double-digits day and the occasional snowstorm – a not-so-friendly reminder from Mother Nature that Spring doesn’t truly arrive until the May long weekend.

Spring is a busy time for most businesses with inventory, maintenance and significant preparations for the short yet busy construction season ahead. Something that should not be overlooked is your seasonal PPE protocol review.  Ensure your crew is aware of the changes required in PPE for Spring work and that each member has the required gear.

Off comes the bulky and often cumbersome winter gear favouring the lighter, more functional gear needed for work in a warmer climate. Workers still need the full array of protective gear, but with temperatures rising, can stow the heavy jacket, insulated coveralls, winter work boots and start planning a buying trip to UpTen FR Apparel.

Spring is an excellent time to inspect your safety gear making sure it’s in proper working order and that your warm-weather coveralls, vest, bibs, boots and such are in good condition.

Keep in mind, as an employer, when the temperature rises, your workers may be more inclined to remove protective equipment to stay cool. Protective headgear may be removed occasionally; coveralls can be unzipped or partially removed with the arms tied around the waist. As the weather improves, it can be challenging to stay cool, especially where crews must work in direct sunlight. Speak with your crew and let them know that you understand the challenges of Spring and Summer work but also reinforce the need for safety on the job site. Your business likely has protocols in place to deal with this seasonal issue. Revisit them!

Remember, PPE work regulations should be specific when governing appropriate apparel for each season. Spring PPE should be adequate for warm “double-digit” days and those occasional situations where the temperature drops and workers are faced with rain and snow.

In closing, prepare for the busy upcoming season by ensuring your equipment and crew are ready for the adventure that lies ahead. After a long, cold winter, it’s time for a fresh start with a revisit of your industry requirements for Personal Protective Equipment.


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