Workwear for Women

Businesswoman in workwear

Times have changed, and today, more women than ever are entering the trades. In the past, women had to contend with ill-fitting PPE designed specifically for men, but that has changed too (thank goodness). At UpTenFR, we believe that women deserve the same opportunities as men and the same exceptional protection level while on the job.

When it comes to workwear for women, the fit is everything! When it comes to women’s workwear, one size does not fit all. Garments explicitly designed for women are built to fit a woman’s body – delivering comfort and all-day protection from hazards.

For years, there was an unfulfilled need for women’s workwear – for clothing with rugged construction, comfortable fit and superior durability in the harshest conditions. Not all that long ago, a search online for women’s workwear would reveal dress for the busy office or perhaps individuals working in a medical or clinical setting. Attitudes have changed, and manufacturers are now addressing that need, and workwear retailers respond with increased selection.

Only a few decades ago, women who work hard and in trade roles were considered non-traditional. Women operate heavy equipment. Women are mechanics, welders and pipefitters. Women are ranchers, farmers, construction workers – drive big rigs and supervise crews on construction sites. What passed for women’s workwear in the past no longer gets a passing grade. Clothing that was stiff, bulky, ill-fitting and restrictive has been replaced with apparel that’s comfortable with features designed for the woman who gets her hands dirty.

No longer willing to settle for men’s sizes small through extra-large, women can now choose from protective gear in various sizes with unique cuts and options. Workwear that delivers all-day comfort under the most grueling conditions and protection in all situations.

Today’s working woman expects professional-grade, not fashion grade, and they’ll choose the best because they deserve nothing less.

Serving the women who do the tough jobs is an honour. When you pull on your gear each morning, rest assured, it won’t let you down and neither will we. Oh, and don’t worry, guys. We’ve got you covered, too – we’re your total workwear centre!


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